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The team at HTR Commercial is ready to meet you and provide unparalleled service.

Our Team is Compromised of Seasoned Professionals:

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Each professional has local real estate experience and knows the history of this area.  With experts in appraisal, brokerage, and real estate development, the HTR Commercial team is equipped to help you assess the best real estate options for your specific situation and achieve the best results possible. With over 80 years of experience, the HTR Commercial team's expertise, experience and valuable market knowledge, along with our network of professionals in the industry, enables us to successfully meet the real estate needs of our clients in locating office, industrial, retail, land or investment properties. HTR Commercial looks forward to working for you.

Our Office Renovation


The photos on the left shows the historic house, now home to HTR Commercial, at 104 N. Fayetteville Street in Clayton, N.C. which was built about 1895 before interior and exterior renovations began in 2008.  The photos on the right shows how the renovation project finished in 2009 turned the building from an uninhabited residence to a commercial building while preserving the historic integrity at the same time.HTR Commercial bought the home in 2008 and immediately started a renovation project on the property. The main goal was to keep intact the architectural integrity of the building while improvements and updates were made on the exterior and interior.  The facade improvements included:

  • cleaning and painting the exterior of the building;

  • stripping, sanding and glazing the original wood windows and glass;

  • repairing the upper front porch by replacing the wooden porch railings and spindles with matching materials and style;

  • painting the main exterior a light yellow; and

  • painting the trim Navajo white and the window sashes a light green.

HTR Commercial received a $5,000 Downtown Façade Improvement Grant from the Town of Clayton to help with the improvements made to 104 N Fayetteville Street. The total costs of the façade project were in excess of $10,000, but the Grant program reimbursed 50% of the costs of exterior commercial building improvements up to $5,000.