Why Go Commercial?

Drive down the road in just about any city or town, and you’ll find it lined with office and retail spaces. Behind those buildings are people that were once in the position you’re in now–considering the perks of purchasing commercial property. Owning commercial property can be a fruitful endeavor that:

Brings in Passive Income

Increases Tax Deductions

Increases Your Equity

Ready to Buy a Commercial Space?

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Finding the Right Commercial Property

Much like residential real estate, the commercial property you’re looking to buy should satisfy most (if not all) of your needs and wants. It’s going to take a bit of searching to find the property that can do what you need it to, whether you’re looking to rent out office space or need room for your business. HTR Commercial can help you narrow down the best options and get you started on the next exciting leg of this journey.

Steps to Buying a Commercial Property

a row of brick commercial retail buildings

1: Determine Why You’re Going Commercial

Every decision is driven by purpose, so to know what property will give you what you need, you first have to determine why you want a commercial space. Ask yourself, “Is this for personal use, or are you looking for an investment property?”

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2: Contact HTR Commercial

We want to be with you every step of the way to make sure you walk away with exactly what you’re looking for. Even if you’re not entirely sure what your real estate needs are, our agents will work with you to set you on the right path.

woman looking comtemplatively with a pen to her mouth

3: Plan Out How You’ll Pay for the Property

Considering the cost of commercial properties, you’ll likely need to finance at least a portion of your purchase. Before you start looking for a space, find out how much you’re willing to pay and how much you’re able to pay. You don’t want to waste time with properties outside your budget.

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4: Start Searching for Properties

This is our specialty. We’ll get out there and scour the market for a commercial space that fits your criteria and budget. Your choices may guide our search, but we’ll do the legwork while you prepare for your purchase and everything that comes after.

two people at a table with a clipboard and sheet of paper

5: Make a Reasonable Offer

Once we find a property that meets your criteria, we’ll work with you on an offer to submit. It’s important to make sure the offer is fair to improve your chances of it being accepted, but also well within your budget.

man scanning a document with a magnifying glass and pen

6: Perform Due Diligence

Just because the offer is excepted doesn’t mean we’re in the clear yet. Due diligence is the lead-up to the closing and requires trusted inspectors and surveyors to ensure the building is up to code. We’ll stay with you until the final contracts are signed and you’re ready to make use of your property.

Ready to Buy Your Commercial Property?

HTR Commercial is ready and standing by. If you think it’s time to move on a commercial space and you want to kick off the process, then you should call us today. We’ll start with a basic idea of what you want to get started on your commercial property purchase. You can also take a look at our commercial property resources below so you know what to expect as you work with HTR Commercial.