Sell Your Commercial Property in the Triangle

You did the hard work and invested in commercial real estate. Now, it’s time to realize the returns on your investment. To get the maximum amount, you need the right team.

That’s why working with HTR Commercial is your key to success. When it’s time to sell your commercial property in the Triangle and Eastern area of North Carolina, we can help you with:

  • Knowing the true value
  • Finding the right audience
  • Avoiding costly mistakes
  • Closing quickly—and for more


Find My Commercial Property Value

Here’s what HTR Commercial can do for you.


Value Your

With many years experience buying and selling commercial property in the Triangle area, we’re pretty good at evaluating properties to determine competitive and profitable listing prices. We may also let you know if there is anything you should do to improve the value or saleability of your property.

Discuss Your Unique Goals

Every seller’s goals are unique, and our first step is to understand your goals, your reasons for selling, and your future real estate plans. We’ll discuss your expectations, whether you’ll accept cash offers only, whether you’ll be purchasing another property, and more.
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Identify Your
Target Market

Selling anything is all about appealing to the right buyer. This is especially true in commercial real estate. Unlike residential real estate, commercial properties are typically constructed for specific purposes or businesses. In other words, if your property currently houses a grocery store, you’re most likely to find a buyer among other similar businesses. Knowing your target buyer can help you pinpoint a marketing strategy and correctly direct advertising efforts.

Push Your Property to Targeted Buyers

Once we’ve established a target market, we’ll help you tailor a marketing program to this specific audience. We have the marketing knowledge, tools, and resources to reach a vast number of businesses and business markets. We’ve also got a network of qualified buyers we can contact directly with information regarding your property. During this process, we will also vet any interested buyers to ensure they meet minimum qualifications.

Facilitate Communication & Negotiation

We’ll serve as the point of contact between you and interested buyers. Once you receive an offer, we’ll carefully review the proposed contract with you to ensure that the contingencies and price best meet your needs and goals. We’ll help you construct a counter offer with reasonable negotiations.

Provide Guidance During Due Diligence & Inspection Processes

Most likely, your buyer will want to have your property inspected. During this time, we’ll be here to answer any questions that either you or your buyer may have, and continue to serve as a point of contact between yourself, the buyer and their agent, and any legal and financial institutions.

Walk You Through the Final Close

Once your property and your buyer both pass their inspections, it’s time for the close. We’ll be right beside you during the final stages of your commercial selling process to ensure that the last few steps go smoothly!

Ready to Sell Commercially in the Triangle?

Thinking of selling commercial property in the Triangle area? Then it’s time to contact HTR Commercial.
We want to help you get the job done right, from start to finish.